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Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury: Some Unpublished Poems and a Meditation on Science vs. Religion


Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury!

Sorry you’re gone from this Earth. Like an interstellar traveler, seeding our immortality throughout the galaxies via endless exploration, you shall live forever in your words.

Check out some of Bradbury’s poems at Brain Pickings, including this tidbit from “That Is Our Eden’s Spring, Once Promised”:

What I to apeman
And what then he to me?
I an apeman one day soon will seem to be
To those who, after us, look back from Mars
And they, in turn, mere beasts will seem
To those who reach the stars;
So apemen all, in cave, in frail tract-house,
On Moon, Red Planet, or some other place;
Yet similar dream, same heart, same soul,
Same blood, same face,
Rare beastmen all who move to save and place their pyres
From cavern mouth to world to interstellar fires.

Rational Discovery Blog: The Boson: A poem by Henry GeeThe Boson is so very smallYou cannot...


The Boson: A poem by Henry Gee

The Boson is so very small
You cannot make it out at all,
Though physicists have money on
Its presence in the Tevatron.
Notwithstanding the concern
Of colleagues beavering at CERN
All hoping that it might emerge
Triumphant from a mighty splurge

And I’ve created a new tag, “science poetry.”

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