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Could Higgs help us find life elsewhere? | PaleBlueBlog

More on the Higgs boson-like particle (yes, I’m still going on about that), how we cooperated to find it, and what the implications are, in particular for astrobiology.

I have a new favorite word: “Coopetition.”

Adi also makes a few more interesting points here:

The fact that the Higgs boson (probably) exists strengthens the idea that chemistry is the same everywhere. That makes it a lot easier to search for life as we know it, and a little easier to search for life as we don’t know it, provided we truly understand the environmental conditions on other worlds.

As scientists, we should consider releasing the hard scientific data first (even before publication), and then having press conferences before the general public. The arsenic life story, for example, would have played out much differently if this had happened. This will only work, however, if scientists continue to be ethical (and I believe that most are) when encountering others’ preliminary work, and if those with the discoveries are willing to take an unbiased look at their own work and respond appropriately to criticism.

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